This Genius Health Coach Found A Way To Drink Wine While Working Out

Workouts with wine? OK, fine. You have my attention for once, exercise.

A health coach from Redding, California combined my least favorite thing with my favorite thing: working out and drinking wine. April Storey, 24, created workout videos heavily featuring wine -- both drinking it and lifting it.

The project began when April filmed an exercise video around New Year's Eve. She decided to include a bottle of wine she found lying around as a joke. A remixed version of her video was posted on the Facebook page Once Upon A Wine, and it went viral.

Each push-up is rewarded with a sip of wine. It's genius.

New Year's Eve calls for a special kind of #workout. If you want sexy arms try this upper body circuit and don't forget... Posted by April Storey on Thursday, December 31, 2015

What a great way to build muscle and turn up at the same time.

I mean, is she the coolest health coach ever or the coolest health coach EVER?

But, don't get TOO excited about wine workouts. April doesn't recommend consuming too much alcohol while you exercise and told KRCR she does not finish the glasses of wine in her videos.

Just saying, my peppy roommate would have had a lot more luck trying to get me to the gym in college if she told me I could drink Moscato while I was there.

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