Guy's Friends Make GF Sign Absurd Contract Before He Goes On Vacation With Them

by Alexandra Strickler

I can't tell if I hate this or if it's genius.

A group of ~bros~ started planning a vacation together with a strict "no girls allowed" rule.

Fine, I get that. Bro time is essential.

But as they figured out the details, some of the friends in the group were afraid one of the guy's girlfriends might get a liiiiittle ticked off by their plans.

Josh Conroy told TheLADbible,

Whilst on a lads holiday at the start of February, he booked another lads' holiday for April without telling her, landing him firmly parked in the dog house, which he is wholly unequipped to climb out of.

Um, of course this girl will be pissed.

Why would you book a trip without telling her — especially one that's far away enough for you to need to board a plane to get there?

Conroy continued,

In an attempt to get him out, as we're good mates with his girlfriend also, we drafted a school trip-style permission slip to make a joke of it with and things snowballed from there ending up with a formal holiday contract for both those attending and their significant guardians.

Right, because patronizing a woman is a surefire way to get her to stop being mad at you.

As promised, the ridiculous contract they want the GF to sign really does look like a school permission slip:


And here's the even more ridiculous terms and conditions of the agreement:


The first few clauses for the GF don't really bother me much, but the fifth one has me a little too shook:

There shall be allotted slots for girlfriend-to-boyfriend contact at times most convenient to the group as a whole without consideration of the individual circumstances. Any breaches of this clause will result in a whack in the testicles for the male half of the offending party which, depending on severity, may impact the marital life of both male and female parties of the relationship.

I find myself getting stuck on the whole talking to each other only "at times most convenient to the group as a whole without consideration of the individual circumstances."

What if the girl really needs to talk to her BF about something important, like a family emergency? If it's at an inconvenient time for the bros, then she's definitely going to be ignored?

So if Grandma has a stroke, but you're too busy deep-throating a beer bong, your girl can just go F herself?


Overall, this "contract" is funny in theory, but I would personally advise this girl to find a new man if he actually took any of those clauses seriously.

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