Guy's Bros Make GF Sign Absurd Contract Before Vacation

I can't tell if I hate this or if it's genius.

A group of ~bros~ started planning a vacation together with a strict "no girls allowed" rule.

Fine, I get that. Bro time is essential.

But as they figured out the details, some of the friends in the group were afraid one of the guy's girlfriends might get a liiiiittle ticked off by their plans.

Josh Conroy told TheLADbible,

Um, of course this girl will be pissed.

Why would you book a trip without telling her — especially one that's far away enough for you to need to board a plane to get there?

Conroy continued,

Right, because patronizing a woman is a surefire way to get her to stop being mad at you.

As promised, the ridiculous contract they want the GF to sign really does look like a school permission slip:


And here's the even more ridiculous terms and conditions of the agreement:


The first few clauses for the GF don't really bother me much, but the fifth one has me a little too shook:

I find myself getting stuck on the whole talking to each other only "at times most convenient to the group as a whole without consideration of the individual circumstances."

What if the girl really needs to talk to her BF about something important, like a family emergency? If it's at an inconvenient time for the bros, then she's definitely going to be ignored?

So if Grandma has a stroke, but you're too busy deep-throating a beer bong, your girl can just go F herself?


Overall, this "contract" is funny in theory, but I would personally advise this girl to find a new man if he actually took any of those clauses seriously.

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