Guy Turns Himself In To Police By Live-Streaming Rant About His Drug Stash


Facebook Live and streaming services like it, as well as just the advent and proliferation of cameras on phones, have done so much good and important work in exposing racism, police brutality and corruption.

This is not one of those stories. Well, at least, not exactly.

Dominique Green, 24, from Dallas, Texas, began live-streaming his encounter with a police officer who pulled him over for failing to signal. Unfortunately, in doing so, he ratted himself out for drug possession several times throughout the video.


The officer may very well have racially-profiled the man, as it seems Green wasn't doing anything that would have normally caught a cop's attention -- Green didn't use a turn signal or wear a seat belt, the cop claimed.

So that's one wrinkle in this weird story.

Next, we come to the fact that, despite possibly being racially profiled, Green, in filming the encounter, films himself hiding -- and admitting to hiding -- his drugs.

As soon as the cop walks away from his car, Green says,

They're just fucking with me because I'm young, black -- goddamn me -- and on the wrong side of the neighborhood... I do got some shit I gotta hide.

Then, later, Green explains to the camera again,

I'm glad I didn't get out of the car. I got a pocket full of all kind of shit, for real.

Green was then arrested for refusing to give him his identification and taking the ticket.

The thing is, you kind of can't argue with Green in this video.

Yes, he is, by his own admission, doing so much illegal stuff, but the cop puts him under arrest without knowing any of that. All he knows is Green didn't wear a seatbelt and didn't signal.

Those are both things that only warrant a ticket.

In fact, the crazy thing is the only reason Green gets caught is he gets so irritated with the obvious profiling going on, he can't just take the ticket and go.

So in this video, we see one morally questionable cop, who is accidentally right, and one ethical criminal, who is making some really good points but also apparently hiding coke.

America is very weird.

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