Guy Has Super Sexist Reply When Woman Turns Him Down In Cringeworthy Texts

by Harley Tamplin

Aaaaand here's yet another depressing example of some entitled douchebag being crazy sexist to a girl just because she turned him down.

This humungous jackass got pretty angry — and very sexist — when his embarrassing lack of game failed to land him a date with a girl who already has a boyfriend.

Shocking, right? Right?!

The girl revealed what happened by posting screenshots of their messages on Reddit with the caption, “I didn't want the free pass.”

It begins with an avalanche of dreadful flirting, which is double weird because the dude knows she already has a BF.

Anyway, this is important because it establishes they have a mutual interest in rock climbing, and the guy invites the girl along.

Is it a date? Is it not? It doesn't really matter, because it ain't going anywhere.

Ah. Yes. This is the “free pass” I mentioned earlier.

The convo is actually just fine at this point — he mentions he has a free pass for rock climbing (more on that later) but she doesn't need it.

This is where he starts going crazy out of nowhere.

Bro, she didn't want your free pass. You were the one that brought it up, and she declined because you're a creep.

“I know how women operate. They're manipulative and selfish.”

Seriously, this is fuckboi 101.

Take that high road, girl.

Calling out the guy for being a total douche and telling him he lives a “sad life” is the perfect way to hit back.

And after that, he's still trying to spit game at her.


Not content with already being a huge sexist, the guy comes back with another burn against the entire female gender, this time writing,

Did I mention women are liars too?

And this time following it up with a cute, “I hope you don't take that personally,” complete with the cry-laugh emoji.

Dude, shut it down.

And girls, be very wary of random guys who ask you out on rock climbing dates.

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