Guy Punches Roommate For Having Sex In His Bed

Oh, college.

Let's all take a moment and reminisce about the days when our only true concerns were the amount of boxed-wine left in our fridge and which parties we'd go to on Thursday night.

It was a reckless time, chock full of bad decisions that'll make shake your head with regret (we don't actually regret them, though).

I've been witness to a bunch of these college "mishaps" throughout the years, but I've never seen someone stoop as low as having sex in their roommate's bed.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about spontaneity... but doing the dirty on your roommate's mattress is kind of messed up.

I get it, though. In college, you usually live in the same bedroom with two beds in close proximity to one another. Like, really close.

If you're drunk and stumble into the room, there's a pretty good chance you'll land on the wrong mattress.

In a video shared by State Snaps, a passionate dude gets so lost in the moment during sex with his lady that he ignores the fact he's in his roommate's bed and doesn't bother leaving it.

Unfortunately, his roommate catches him in the act... and he's not too happy about it.

In the footage, you can see a group of college guys in the doorway where the duo is completely naked and having sex.

Moments after one of the guys walks into the bedroom, he realizes what's going on and completely looses it.

While his supposed roommate is having sex doggy style on his mattress, he punches him in straight in the face. OUCH. Talk about awkward (and painful).

After he punches his roommate, everyone standing in the doorway cringes a little, and the video ends.

Something tells me these guys aren't going to be roommates for too much longer.

But, this is college we're talking about... I'm sure they had a beer and forgot all about it the next day.