Guy Gets Ultimate Revenge On His Cheating GF By Having Sex With Her Mom

by Eitan Levine
Universal Pictures

This guy who got the best revenge of all time on his cheating ex-girlfriend deserves a MacArthur Genius Grant.

The other day, I didn't tell the lady at Chipotle she forgot to add the $2.50 for guacamole to my bill.

I was about to tell her this, and then I realized having to pay for guac is stupid and it'd really been stealing my money by charging me for it all these years.

So I didn't tell her, and I felt like George Clooney in “Ocean's Eleven” getting the ultimate revenge on a capitalist company stealing money from my wallet every. single. day.

Then I read this story and realized what I did in Chipotle was nothing compared to what this guy pulled off, and I should probably apologize to the world for even thinking the word “revenge” was applicable to my case.

THIS is revenge.


The realization of opportunity was great. The flawless execution was great. The perfect last response was GREAT.

We're not worthy!

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