Super Committed Guy Gets His Marriage Proposal Tattooed On His Back

by Sean Abrams
NY Post

We've all heard the phrase "nothing lasts forever."

Typically, I'd agree with that statement... unless you suddenly decide to get something inked on your body. In that case, that shit is permanent.

Just ask Kevin Sheridan.

The 37-year-old from East Grinstead, UK recently proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Jo Holmes, by getting his entire marriage proposal tattooed on his left shoulder, according to the NY Post.

The tattoo was a quill and feather pen combo featuring a poem written by Sheridan's mother, and was set to be the ultimate surprise for Holmes this February 14. Despite having been together for seven years and having three beautiful children, the two never got married.

But that changed when Sheridan popped the question on Valentine's Day in a pretty creative — a very permanent — way.

“I knew Jo would want something a bit different, not just the usual Valentine's Day, roses and dinner scenario, and then I realized that I'd never heard about anyone proposing with a tattoo before,” Sheridan told Mercury Press.

To deter Holmes from his master plan, Sheridan led her to believe that he was getting a tattoo of birds in honor of his career as a harrier hawk trainer.

In reality, he'd already received Holmes' parents' blessing and searched for an engagement ring with her sister.

NY Post

Clearly, Sheridan doesn't mess around.

The two are now set to get married at a church in England where their kids will be christened and receive Sheridan's last name, NY Post reports.

It's the three kids taking the Sheridan family name that motivated the tattoo's beautiful poem concept, which reads:

Our family is now complete with Nancy, Matilda and Arthur. With angels watching over us to protect us ever after. My family mean the world to me and all walk with my name. I wondered if someday soon you would like to do the same? Join with me on a journey that will last for all our life. I love you Jo, so I am asking, will you be my wife?
NY Post

It doesn't get much cuter than this, guys.

I won't ruin the moment by mapping out what would've happened if she said no...

Yay for love!

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