Guy Has Sex With Boss's Daughter – And Emails Video To All His Co-Workers


Remember the good old days when you quit your job sensitively and made sure you didn't burn any bridges?

Well, those days are long gone, friends.

The youth of today aren't only burning bridges, they're completely obliterating them.

Take this guy, for example. He is said to have thrown caution out the window by having sex with his boss's daughter in the back of the restaurant he works in -- and then emailing it to the entire office.


Of course, there's no verifying this 100 percent. A GIF of the act was posted on Reddit under the title "Banging the boss's daughter in the back of restaurant."

It comes with the caption,

There is actually a fourth vid of her sucking his dick but he never leaked that because he felt embarrassed.

Stay classy.

So, all we have to go on is what Reddit tells us because this is 2016.

I mean, there's definitely two people going to town on each other -- that much is true. But if there's any truth in the context, then we can only speculate his motivation.

Maybe he got bored of serving filet mignon to snooty clientele.


If you're thinking this story sounds familiar, you'd be right. This has happened before -- fairly recently.

There once was a guy who quit his job by having sex with the boss's daughter.

Apparently, he knew the sack was coming so thought he'd get one up on the elder before he got shown the door.

He took her into the office bathroom and went to pound town -- pound town is where he went.

There is a picture:


The video goes on for some seven minutes (which has to be admired, to be fair). It was later posted on Twitter.

No word on whether or not he's still got a job. Chances are slim to none.