This Guy Getting Pranked For Falling Asleep At Work Is All Of Us

Ever fallen asleep in class and had everyone around you cracking up? That's what this guy experienced -- times a million.

After falling asleep on the first day of his internship at a tech startup, other employees noticed and gathered around Reddit user "TheOrangeDuke" for a quick photo op.

It connects on so many emotional levels since we've likely all been on both sides of this scenario:


He told The Huffington Post,

One of the associates noticed me sleeping, and it just went downhill from there!

Oh boy, did it go downhill from there. It went down Hilarious Hill and landed at the base of LOL Mountain.

When he woke up to find the original photo, he found it so funny, he decided to post it to Reddit to let other users work their Photoshop magic.


Visit the original Reddit thread to comb your way through all the epic Photoshop masterpieces.

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