Man Crashed His Car While Loudly Singing And Caught It On Video


Don't lie, you've done it, too.

You were driving down the interstate, just singing your favorite song, and then you suddenly had to brake to avoid an accident.

Hey, it happens. At least you're not that woman crashing because a spider was in her car.

So, really, we can all sympathize with YouTube user Travis Carpenter.

On Thursday, Carpenter posted a video of his singing-sesh-turned-accident. The best part about it? He says he didn't suffer any injuries, so we can all laugh about it.

Travis Carpenter on YouTube

In the video, Travis is singing the song And Now My Lifesong Sings. It's a churchy rock song, so you know what that means.

Travis wasn't just singing, he was "sangin'." And everybody knows when you're "sangin'," you become a little vulnerable.

Travis certainly was, anyway. And after letting out a hilarious yell, the results were this:


In the caption for his video, Travis explained what happened,

Luckily for him, he walked away without a scratch. In fact, his car was fine, too. Practically the only thing he had to show for the accident was a stunned face.


Well, thank God he's OK because now we can fully enjoy the fact that this video is funny as hell.

Please be careful while singing and driving, guys.

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