Guy Accidentally Gets Google Phone Before Release Date, Spills All Its Secrets


Everyone's getting a special sneak preview of exactly how Google's new phone works, and it's all thanks to one lucky customer.

The Google Pixel was shipped a week early to Australian Reddit "Wooparse," who is now sharing all the details with us in one long thread.

When asked to give an initial summary of the phone, Mr. Wooparse told a commenter,

That was just a general overview. Throughout the thread, Mr. Wooparse continued to answer a whole bunch of questions -- everything from the feel of the phone and the battery life to the packaging of the Pixel.

But of course, everyone knows the camera is the flashiest feature of a phone (no pun intended), and it looks like the Pixel really succeeded in this area.

Mr. Wooparse's pictures look really good, even when they're taken without the best of lighting.


The video also looks really solid as well.

wooparse on YouTube

As for the feel of the phone? Well, that might be a problem.

Wooparse told one commenter,

All in all, Mr. Wooparse's overview is pretty comprehensive, and he lists a lot of specific details in his initial post alone.

So, please, do check it out, if not for anything else other than so I can stop calling him "Mr. Wooparse."

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