This Grandpa Adopted A New Puppy, And The Photos Will Melt Your Heart

Look, we here on the Internet are simple folk.

All we ask for is some cute pictures of old people or cute pictures of dogs, and we're pretty much satisfied. Put those two things together, and we're going to freak out.

If you need proof, look at these pictures of a grandfather and his new pup, shared by his granddaughter, Jessica Amante, on Twitter.

My grandpa just got a new dog and had his caregiver take pictures of him to send to me — Jess (@JessAmante4) March 6, 2016

Jessica's grandpa is 90 years old and living in an assisted living center. He had his caregiver snap some pics of him with his new doggy friend to send to his family. Jessica's mother, Debbie Amante, also shared some photos on Facebook.


Debbie wrote on the post,

My father in law (age 90) just adopted a sweet dog! He is already in love with his sweet Penny girl.

There's no denying these pictures are pretty freakin' adorable. Still, it's literally just a old man and a dog, and there's not that much more to it. And yet, the Internet is losing its mind over the existence of old people and dogs in the same vicinity.

@JessAmante4 omg no this is so cute — Lilz (@lilianroseberry) March 7, 2016
@camsauce123 @JessAmante4 I NEED MORE OF THESE PICTURES RIGHT NOW — jo (@jordynmason23) March 20, 2016
@JessAmante4 @emma_paul13 This is my favourite thing I've ever seen on here ❤️ — Emma Cheetham (@cheethaaaam) March 10, 2016
@JessAmante4 @STEVETONYAF THIS IS THE CUTEST THING IVE EVER SEEN — caroline (@piningbuchanan) March 7, 2016
@JessAmante4 I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW — Madds (@maddiegates2) March 6, 2016
@JessAmante4 I looked at this and started crying again — jack jack. (@fl0pjack) March 7, 2016

We are a simple people with simple needs. You are welcome for providing your daily dose of cute old people with dogs.

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