These Grandma Tweets Make You Realize Having A Woman President Is Long Overdue

Grandmothers of the world, UNITE!

Elderly women around American are illustrating just how long overdue a female president is by getting their tech-savvy grandkids to post pictures of them on Twitter under the hashtag ImWithHer.

On Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton officially became the presidential nominee for the Democratic Party at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

It marked not just a historic day for US politics, but for all women across the States.

So, what better way to highlight this than to celebrate with the women who have been waiting for this day literally their entire lives.

My grandma, Hillary Clinton doppelgänger since the 90s, is so excited she "finally gets to be President" now — Lauren Alexis Fisher (@laurenalexis) July 27, 2016

Unfortunately, not everyone's grandma was around to witness the historic announcement, but people posted photos of their grandmothers on Twitter just the same.

Here's what the candidate herself and her supporters had to say about making history.

I don't want to over-egg the pudding, but this monumental news marks a huge stride forward for, well, pretty much all of humanity.