Today Was Not Just A Historic Day For Hillary, But All American Women

by John Haltiwanger

On Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton officially become the presidential nominee for the Democratic party at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Regardless of politics or party affiliation, this is a historic moment for the United States.

Almost a century after women gained the right to vote in America, one of the two major political parties in this country finally has a female presidential candidate.

This was long overdue.

You don't have to like Hillary Clinton to recognize how monumental this is -- it's a major sign of progress for this country. We are definitely making strides toward becoming a more perfect union.

Senator Bernie Sanders was instrumental in this. He showed a great deal of class as he helped ring in a historic moment for the Democratic party.

But this is not just a historic day for the Democratic party, or Hillary Clinton, for that matter.

This is a historic day for all American women.

This moment belongs to all the women in US history who fought to make this country more equal.

Many were understandably emotional because of this occasion. Here are some of the more powerful reactions.