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This Person's Grandparents Look Just Like Taylor Swift And Hugh Hefner (Photo)


Another Taylor Swift doppelgänger has emerged — well, kind of.

A few days ago, redditor Christmaspencil posted a photo to Imgur, supposedly showing his or her grandfather and grandmother. The caption reads,

Indeed, the picture — seemingly taken sometime in the '70s — depicts a woman who looks eerily like a short-haired Taylor Swift standing beside a lighter-haired version of a young Hugh Hefner.

Naturally, since Taylor Swift basically rules the world, the image went viral; it's already been seen more than two million times.

However, viewers can't decide if the vintage lookalikes do their modern-day counterparts justice. Some claim they look identical to Swift and Hefner, while others… well, not so much.

In any case, it'd be interesting to see what the grandma (who I think looks exactly like T Swift) looks like now, or looked like in old age. It'd be like looking into Taylor Swift's future.

Take a peek at the pic below, and tell us what you think: twins or nah?


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