This Grandpa's VR Skills Will Prepare You To Fight A Zombie Apocalypse

As virtual reality begins to make its way into living rooms and households around the world, you can't help but wonder how, outside of millennials, older generations will utilize the new technology.

In a recent video shared by Daily Mail, we're shown the hilarious moment one kid's grandfather geared up for the ultimate virtual reality experience. Everything's going just fine as Leonardo Ramallo's grandfather plays a VR zombie apocalypse game called The Brookhaven Experiment -- until he runs out of ammunition.

Ramallo's grandfather had no choice but to either surrender to the pixel monsters or punch the blood-hungry zombies with his fists. With no time to think, grandpa began swinging for the fences which resulted in a pretty hilarious Facebook video.

The video, which as been viewed over 4 million times, shows Ramallo's 71-year-old grandfather running around the living room as he punches the air to free himself from being consumed by the virtual reality zombie apocalypse. At one point, he even gets caught in a nearby curtain.

Let's just say there should probably be a reality TV show about elderly people playing virtual reality games. I mean, if that doesn't sound like quality television, I'm not really sure what is!

Check out the hilarious video above for a closer look.

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