Google's 'Incognito' Update Just Made It So Much Easier To Stalk Your Ex

The internet can be a dark place if your intentions are, well, not so innocent.

I'll let you use your imagination, but I will say this: We've all been guilty of using Google to search for things that we'd rather keep to ourselves — especially on our phones.

Whether you've used the internet to stalk a longtime ex or to shamelessly watch porn, you're aware of the fact that you need to constantly delete your history to make sure your private searches stay private.

And sometimes, you forget to, and then you're humiliated when someone borrows your cell.

Google understands the struggle, and just released an update for their iOS app that lets you go incognito while searching the web.

Finally, right?

Sure, the Google Chrome computer browser was ahead of the game and already allowed you to log into an incognito session. But now that we can do the same thing on our phones, searching possibilities are endless.



There are a few ways you can start going incognito on your Google Chrome app once you've updated it.

You can either use the 3D touch on your phone's home screen to enable the session, or you can go to the app's settings and hit "Turn on Incognito."

Then, voila! You're virtually invisible.

According to Mashable, you can be even more careful and go incognito by using your iPhone's Touch ID, which prevents anyone but you from viewing your history searches.

If you've got security that tight, I can't help but wonder what you're up to. It must be pretty scandalous.

Google, thank you for giving us the privacy and accessibility to search everything we've always been afraid to search on our phones. I can now go about stalking my ex in peace.

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