Girl Texts BF Hilariously Detailed Story From Bathroom While Boss Poops Pants

Sometimes, shit goes down in the bathroom that you can't keep to yourself.

For this woman, it was listening (and seeing) her boss struggle in the stall next to her while she straight up pooped herself.

Pooping in the bathroom at work is already a not-so-fun experience. But this is the worst situation imaginable.

It was so nasty, she desperately texted her boyfriend, asking for his advice on what to do in the dreadful situation. At first, all he could do was respond with pictures of Obama laughing.

That is definitely appropriate – if you ask me – but also extremely unhelpful. In the end, he came through with some advice.

The screenshots were uploaded to Imgur a few days ago. I hope this lady has since recovered from such a traumatic work bathroom experience.

She starts explaining the situation to her boyfriend via text, while sitting dead silent in the bathroom.

Both options aren't great.

She could have left the bathroom, but that would have blown her (very thin) cover. Or, she could have stayed there and waited it out.

Either way, I'm sure she can never look at her boss the same way again.

Why would her boyfriend know what to do? He is all of us in this baffling situation.

I think "get out and run" is perfectly sound advice. But she didn't take it.

OK, but how did the poop get onto the toilet handle?! This is out of control.

Were these details necessary? This is why using single stall bathrooms in the office is always a good idea.

I guess this woman was crouched up on the toilet seat the entire time?!

My question is, how did she hop up there without her boss noticing that someone was next to her?

OK, finally, her boyfriend starts to take this poop situation seriously.

Her boyfriend came through with some solid advice. Maybe she should have asked if her boss needed anything right away.

I guess we'll never know what happened. That's probably a good thing.

This entire thread has been TMI, if you ask me. What happens in the bathroom should stay in the bathroom.