Defiant 8-Year-Old Who Stopped Mid-Run To Eat Snack Is The Hero We Need


You know what makes a grueling workout more enjoyable? Snacks.

Everyone in their right mind knows a tasty treat will make them happier than a trip to the gym, and no one should deny themselves a snack or two mid-workout.

A hilarious 8-year-old girl just proved our point during a run she took with her older cousin, Briseyda Ponce.

Briseyda Ponce

Briseyda's younger cousin, Allysson Baires, was called "fat" at school by girls in class and her crush, Hector, so she asked Briseyda if she could go on a run with her.

(Before I continue, let's make this clear: Allysson is NOT fat. She is beautiful. Carry on.)

Briseyda talked to Elite Daily about her initial reaction when her little cousin came to her. She said,

I got pretty mad at first, but then I realized everyone goes through this, and children will be mean regardless. I have to make her understand that no one's opinion should matter and she should never be mean back. She should be happy she's blessed and healthy!

Still, the 17-year-old took her little cousin for a jog like the supportive, empowering woman she is.


During the run, Allysson seemed like she was getting tired and decided to nourish her body.


So, she whipped out a Rice Krispie Treat and took a breather.

Alas, she is all of us.



After Allysson stopped mid-run for her snack, Briseyda started cracking up and snapped a picture.

She told Elite Daily, "I laughed a lot, that's so silly that while exercising, she wants to eat."

It's silly, but totally relatable. This chick has her priorities straight, and that's a fact.

Briseyda posted pictures of her younger cousin snacking during their run, and they have already gone viral.

People are flooding the comment section with support, telling her she's beautiful the way she is.

Everyone can totally relate.


It's true: Why haven't we tried this before?!


Allysson is ALL OF US.


"Wish I can do that."


I don't know about you, but I think I'll take a snack with me next time I'm on a run.

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