Little Girl Gives Adorable Lecture On Why Her Parents Should Get Along (Video)

This girl needs to work at the UN or NATO, or at least for Dr. Phil.

The term child prodigy is most often associated with a young person who is incredibly gifted with some tangible skill; Mozart was known as a gifted musician by the age of 5. Tiger Woods was making waves in the golf world at the age of 3. Even John Travolta showed signs he would be a titan of film at a young age.

But, why don't we call children "prodigies" when they possess other more practical skills? Why don't we reward children with that title when they are gifted at financial accounting or being exceedingly neat?

Is Tiana, a Canadian toddler hell-bent on having her parents be nice to each other, any less a prodigy than Tiger?

Must watch!! After came back from badminton I Open the garage door try to drive my car in and heard Tiana voice yelling... Posted by Cherish Sherry on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I guarantee if you put this girl in front of the UN, there would be peace in the Middle East TOMORROW.

Imagine Tiana calmly telling Israeli and Palestinian leaders what she said to her mom in the video:

I'm not trying to be mean. I just want everyone to be friends. And if I can be nice I think all of us can be nice, too.

Try being at war after that, the Middle East!

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