Girl Sends Haunting Last Text To Friend Minutes Before Dying In Car Crash

A 16-year-old girl texted her friend saying she was on her way and would see her soon.

Then she never arrived.

The friend, Claire Lombard, told the Irish Independent,

Katie texted me to say they were on their way and that they'd see me in a few minutes. Then a bit later I was closing my bedroom window and I saw people running down the road, and my brother, Conor, ran out as well.

Katie Murphy had been riding in a car with three other friends on Wednesday night in the Irish town of Tramore.

On the way to their destination, the car crashed into a brick wall at the entrance of the Carrigeenlea estate, according to Irish broadcaster RTE.

Claire discussed the painful aftermath of approaching the scene of the accident, explaining,

 I went out to see what was happening, and as I got to the corner I could see the car. [The driver] wasn't that badly injured and he was able to get out and he walked towards me in a daze.

Unfortunately, Katie died later that night after she was rushed to the hospital. The other three people in the car survived, but all suffered varying degrees of injuries.

The driver suffered minor injuries and was released from the hospital. The female passenger, who was in the back seat with Katie, suffered serious but non life-threatening injuries.

The front seat passenger, however, was critically injured and placed in intensive care, according to RTE.

On Thursday, Katie's father, Hilary Murphy, posted a photo of his daughter in light of her passing.

For her part, a tearful Claire told the Irish Independent,

Katie was always smiling and laughing. She made everyone happy no matter how sad they were.

By the sounds of it, Katie will surely be missed.

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