Girl Finds Genius Way To Get Revenge On Cheating Ex For Next 17 Years


If your relationship is on the rocks, I can only hope that your significant other is nowhere near as calculating as this woman.

Whereas some guys have the benefit of breaking up with their girlfriends and forgetting about it immediately, this guy's gonna be reminded of his screw-up for the better part of two — yes, two — decades.

The genius plot comes from overseas, where a British Twitter user by the name of Harriet put her boyfriend on blast after he asked for his money back after the couple bought tickets to a concert.


There's just one problem: Harriet's boyfriend, Dan, seemingly cheated on the woman (hence the snake emoji next to his name on iMessage).

Yeah, there's a little bad blood there, and Harriet saw that as a moment to exact her revenge. So she obliged, in her own way.


Harriet set up a PayPal-like deposit to Dan's account that'll only give him a penny a day until the price of the ticket is paid back. According to BroBible, Harriet estimated that it would take about 17 years to pay the amount back in full (which means the ticket was around £62, or $75, for those counting at home).


Yup, that's straight savagery.

I haven't seen this type of well-thought-out pettiness since the queen of petty herself rose up from the ashes like a Phoenix and outsmarted the un-outsmartable.

You know who I'm talking about. Nothing will top when Blac Chyna bounced back from having her baby daddy "stolen" by the Kardashian empire, and ended up claiming the name even Kylie doesn't have by getting engaged to Rob.

That story is worth all the chills.

Anyway, Blac Chyna would probably be proud of this.

As for Harriet, I don't know her, but I do know how she was feeling after she set up that direct deposit.

Now that's what you call payback.

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