Girl Has Perfect Reply To Creepy Guy Who Wanted Pics Of 'What's Under The Towel'


Some people take sexting very, very seriously -- and Michael is one of them.

Michael is an aggressive guy who thought he'd get a few nudes by repeatedly asking a girl what's under her towel.

In a continuous effort to "get what he wanted,"  he texted the woman to show him her outfit, but was sorely disappointed by her witty responses.

This is a good lesson, ladies.

If a dude asks you to send nudes you don't want to send, grab a few towels and follow this girl's lead.

You definitely won't be disappointed by the outcome (he probably will be, though).

Michael rudely starts the conversation demanding she show him her outfit.

"I am not fit for being seen right now believe me."

When he sneakily asks what's under her shoulders in the photo, she replies, "Towel bish."


Then, Michael relentlessly asks what's under that towel -- and, of course, it's another towel.

I commend her quick thinking. Brava, girlfriend.

After Michael assures her he'll "get what he wants," she exposes another towel and claims she always puts on "18 towels after a shower."

Psh, who doesn't wear 18 towels after they take a shower?

Michael isn't buying her jokes, though.

He demands again that she take all 18 towels off her body and take pictures for him.

She responds with, "SIKE! 19 bitch."

This girl's my hero.

Unsurprisingly, Micheal still isn't giving up.

He asks the girl to take the towels off once again, and she finally listens!

But this time, she's wearing a robe.

Michael seems to be losing hope, and asks her what's underneath the robe...

... and you guessed it. There's another towel.

It appears Michael finally gave up hope trying to figure out what's underneath all of this girl's towels. Thank goodness.

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