Girl Gets Caught Cheating When Clever BF Spots Unusual Object In Her Sexts


It's probably time to break up with the boyfriend when you're flying out to Atlanta to ride your boss's D.

But some people want to have their cake and eat it, too — because is that really too much to ask?

This girl broke all the relationship rules by going doing just that.

Jackie told bae she was going away alone, but did the total opposite.

She got on a plane with a hotel reservation in Atlanta and the full intention of enjoying some strange pipe.

Only problem is, Jackie got sloppy. Really sloppy — and it wouldn't take Liam Neeson to figure out what she was up to.

It started like this:

Around 4 pm, she messaged her boy to let him know she arrived in Atlanta safely — sans naughty pic.

Sexting is clever. He'd never catch on if he thought her mind was on him — an insidious approach.

Uh-oh. Jackie slipped. See that suitcase in the second pic? That definitely doesn't belong to her, and he knows it.

She tries to blindside him with more nudes, but this guy already caught on, and now he wants her hotel room number.

Sure, nbd for Jackie. She obliges. Only thing is, Jackie didn't book the room — her boss did. *Embarrassed monkey face emoji*

He called her bluff and then goes completely ham.

There is no reply, but those messages have been delivered, read and most likely cried over (unless she has no heart, which is quite possible).

The guy said he'd throw her stuff into trash bags and toss them onto the street. Cold.

Honestly, hearts are breaking everywhere today.

Did you hear about the guy who stalked his wife with a drone and caught her getting into a car with another man? True story — that's 18 years down the drain.

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