We Can All Relate To This Girl's Pics Before And After Her 1st Day Of School


Let's face it: Growing up ain't easy, and being a carefree kindergarten kid isn't always peaches and cream.

Sure, there was naptime — a sacred hour that we wish still existed today — and coloring and swing sets.

All crayons aside, being a youngster on the first day of school may as well be equivalent to diving head-first into a shark tank.

OK, OK ... I might be exaggerating, but I think we can all agree on the fact that the first day of school, no matter what your age is, can make you or break you. It's your first opportunity to make new friends, prove your work ethic and figure out who the hell you want to become.

I think we've found our first-day soulmate in this little girl, who was photographed by her mother before and after her first day of kindergarten. Based on her sweet, oh-so-naive smile, she had a pretty optimistic start to the day.

Look at that pose. Her skirt was ON POINT.


She was without a doubt ready to take on school, and we can admire her strength. RESPECT.

When her mother picked her up at the end of the day, she might as well have aged 25 years. And we can all live vicariously through her distraught expression. She can barely even stand up.

Stressed much?


Based off of the bewildered look in her eyes, we aren't sure if she just had her first day of school or backpacked across a foreign country. Regardless, we can relate.

The side-by-side view is even better:


Hang in, there, girl. It gets easier ... ahem, well, kind of.