Lauren Naefe

Here's Why Getting A Lot Of Tattoos Is Actually Really Good For You

You never really needed to justify getting a lot of tattoos.

It's your body and if you want to ink the whole damn thing, I say go for it. But for those whose relatives are still not on board, making Thanksgivings super awkward, do I have good news for you.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Human Biology, getting lots of ink may strengthen your immune system.

Though the study was fairly small (24 women and five men participated), researchers from the University of Alabama found the immune systems of the tattooed participants handled new ink better than those of the tattoo virgins.

They came to this conclusion after testing the saliva of participants before and after they got tatted up.

Getting a tattoo for the first time actually suppresses your immune system, likely due to the experience causing stress.

In the short term, you might be more prone to catch a cold or an infection, but in the long run, multiple tattoos build up your immune system's resistance, making it easier to fight off an infection.

While researchers aren't suggesting you get a sleeve next time you have the flu, it does explain why some people feel sick the first time they get a tattoo, while others feel great.

Tell that to your judgmental Aunt Patty.

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