Genius Dad Buys Snorkels So He Can Nap In The Pool And Twitter Is Impressed

by Brenda Santana

People normally take naps in places like couches, beds, and sometimes even in cars -- but taking a nap face down in the pool takes either a nice set of gills or some real innovation.

Growing your own set of gills ain't easy, but the dad of Skyler Nitschke, who goes by @Skyler_Nitschke on Twitter, proved that innovation truly solves any problem. In order to snooze in the water, he bought a pair of snorkels.

Recently, Nitschke and her friends were chilling poolside when her dad, Dan, approached and said to the group "All right, it's nap time," according to BuzzFeed. He then began taking a nap facedown in the family pool.

Nitschke couldn't let this viral moment pass her by, and she tweeted the photos of her innovative dad taking his hydrating nap.

"My dad bought a snorkel for the sole purpose of taking naps in the pool," Nitschke tweeted.

Ah, so that's how he's breathing! Still, many question how comfortably Dan is breathing in his snorkel mask.

How is he breathing, though?

Other users are more impressed with Dan's inventiveness than anything else.

"Your dad is a hero."

It turns out Dan is this innovative because he is actually a contractor who flips houses for a living, so creativity is kind of his bread and butter.

And if you're questioning the legitimacy of the photos, Nitschke assured people that her dad was, in fact, sleeping when they were taken. She told BuzzFeed, "He was dead asleep, I had to go wake him up."

Dan isn't the only innovative guy in the Nitschke family, though. Nitschke says that her entire family -- mom and siblings included -- "kind of do things out the box."

Next time you need to take a nap, don't be basic and sleep on the bed. Get yourself a snorkel, head over to your nearest pool, and catch some Z's facedown.

Who knows, you might have a really restful sleep. (Be careful though, please.)