Bizarre Genital 'Smell Mask' Is Here To Make Watching Porn A Little Too Real

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Once in a while, someone comes along with a revolutionary invention that forever changes the way we carry out our daily lives.

But other times, people dedicate their entire lives to creating a product the world never asked for.

Like, you know, the latest VR technology that's intended to arouse people's senses while they watch porn.

That's right. Someone just made a genital "smell mask" that actually lets you take a whiff of people's private parts in virtual reality webcam sex.


Yeah, talk about an invention that really stinks.

If you're wondering who's responsible for this odiferous porn accessory, the sex webcam company CamSoda is the mastermind behind the "ohroma mask."


According to the website, the "ohroma mask" is a "sensory mask that users attach to their virtual reality headset & sync with their teledildonics accessory."

Now if you're wondering what the hell that actually means, this thing is basically an odor-inducing VR mask that works with the company's virtual reality webcam sessions by pairing with an app on your smartphone.


So how does the mask actually work? It's pretty simple.

The "Ohroma mask" is outfitted with two canisters that contain three cartridge slots.

Users open their OhRoma mask and insert scented OhRoma cartridges of their choosing into each canister.


All you have to do is insert the scent cartridge of your choosing into the canister, than slap this contraption onto your head.

Once you turn the mask on, it will begin to heat up the cartridges and produce a variety of arousing odors.

The cartridges come in a wide range of scents that range from "panties" and "private parts" to "breath" and "body odor" so you'll be sure to find a smell that takes your porn-watching endeavors to a whole new level of weird.

If you're looking to try this bad boy out in the bedroom (don't worry, we won't tell anyone), you can pre-order one of these smelly masks for just under $100 on CamSoda's NSFW website.

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