Gay Men Touch Vaginas For The First Time And It's Hilariously Awkward (Video)

Eventually, the Internet is going to run out of combinations of interesting things touching other interesting things.

Earlier this month, a few lesbians agreed to touch their first penises and film the experiences for YouTube. Gold. Pure gold. We all laughed and shared the video with our friends and parents -- if you have that kind of weird a-little-too-close relationship with your parents.

In fact, the only real issue with the video was how one could go about topping it. It's SFW (kinda) penis-touching! Does such a comparable concept even exist?

The answer is yes. Gay men touching vaginas for the first time is the logical next step in this video train.

One day, the Internet will run out of these kinds of videos, and the world will be darker. Hopefully, we are all gone by the time that becomes a real issue, and only our great grandchildren will need to deal with it.

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