Guy Turns Friendship With Baby Squirrel Into Cutest Snapchat Story Of All Time


The friendship between 19-year-old Jake Smitka and this baby squirrel is like no other.

When Smitka – who hails from upstate New York – found the squirrel and tried to return it to its natural habitat, the squirrel kept coming back.

Smitka told BuzzFeed News,


What followed was a week together with this squirrel. During the week, Smitka fed and took drives with his new friend... among many other things.

The 19-year-old documented his experience on Snapchat, like any other 19-year-old would do. And when a collection of his videos was posted on Twitter, it became immediate gold.

Here's the recap video of his time spent with his "son."

Jake posted the video with the caption,

Jake did seemingly EVERYTHING with the squirrel. One scene in the video shows the squirrel climbing on Smitka as if the kid's a tree. Then, there's another moment when the squirrel just chills in the teen's chair like it's nothing.


Smitka told BuzzFeed News,

Smitka's video with his squirrel bestie has so far been liked over 140,000 times, and has been retweeted over 85,000 times. This puts him right up there with Kelvin Peña and his "squad" of deer friends.

Teen boys befriending random, potentially unclean animals seems to be all the rage.

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