Still Think Fracking Is OK? See This River Catch On Fire And Get Back To Me


First of all, if you think fracking is A-OK, you're probably a f*cking fool. But on the off chance you're the type of f*cking fool to consider new evidence and reexamine your position, then let's do this thing.

At an Australian river located near a fracking site, three environmental activists took a small boat and a lighter out on the water to test the flammability. What they found was beyond shocking.

After lighting a small flame just above the water, the river erupted in a massive fire that continued to burn even after they took the lighter away and tried to put it out.

This horrifying experiment is the result of runoff from the nearby fracking site, contaminating the water with fuel and toxic emissions.

Safe to say, fracking isn't just bad, it's criminal. Watch the video above to see the evidence for yourself.

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