This Flyer Chastising Women For Their Taste In Men Is Seriously Creepy

If you thought that psycho Tinder guy was crazy, wait until you get a hold of this.

Twitter user Matt Pops Collins recently posted a picture of an unsettling flyer he spotted taped up in his hometown.

The letter, written by an anonymous male, lectures women (as a whole) for neglecting the “good guys” and instead dating “scum.” This incredibly creepy message has gone viral on Twitter, where many have likened the note to the rant of a deranged serial killer (which honestly, may not be that far off).

It's unclear exactly when the flyer was made, as images of it circulated on Tumblr in late January. Whatever the case, it's seriously disturbing — and further proof that women can never be too safe when meeting new men.

See the note, along with the internet's reactions to it, below.

Here's the letter in its entirety:

A 100% non serial killer thing to do is just print this up and put it up all over town with black duct tape — Matt Pops Collins (@mitchberghini) March 11, 2016

Is he just making it worse for all of the truly nice guys out there?

@mitchberghini serious- any guy who tells me "I'm a nice guy" makes me run faster than a doped Olympic track athlete — Ann Kornuta (@AgentAnnK) March 11, 2016

Many people think the author displays psychopathic tendencies.

"@mitchberghini "I swear officer, it's not my fault she ended up dead. I was only trying to prove to her how nice I am." — Big Hairy Marty (@BigHairyMarty) March 11, 2016

Others just think he's seriously out of touch with reality.

@BigHairyMarty @mitchberghini "She provoked me by treating me like a creep no matter how much I followed her around and told her I wasn't." — Keir Hardie (@scatterkeir) March 11, 2016

Either way, there's no denying how disturbing the letter is.

@AgentAnnK @mitchberghini "crush the life out of other men", yup. Nothing concerning about those sentiments. — Iain Shaw (@Hell3Quin) March 11, 2016

Ladies, stay safe.

@thedapperdiner @mitchberghini Sad, annoying, a pain in the ass women get used to before they even know what puberty is. Sucks. #yaywomen — Kristel Poole (@kristelpoole) March 11, 2016

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