Men Overdose On Heroin At McDonald's On Facebook Live

Shocking footage has emerged showing two men passed out in a McDonald's parking lot after overdosing on heroin.

The Facebook Live video shows one man lying on the ground and the other behind the wheel of a car in Sandusky, Ohio.

Both look completely lifeless.

Passersby rush over to the men and try to rouse them while they wait for the paramedics to arrive.


One of the men has since come forward and spoken about the disturbing video.

Michael Williams, 27, who was filmed on the ground, said he watched the footage with tears in his eyes. He told WKYC,

I was fighting back the tears. I got goosebumps and teary eyed. Like I said, I am a strong individual, and it was hard to watch. I definitely have a problem. If I could get the help right now, I would definitely go. I need it. I want it.

Michael claims he has been using heroin for four months.

His sister, Amber Roesch, asked people to watch the video and spread the word to raise awareness of addiction. She said,

Watch that video and share it because that is terrifying. I do not want to have to bury him. He needs help now.

The man who filmed the chilling scene, Eddie Wimbley, said he hopes it will serve as "a wake-up call." He added,

I just do not understand how people can do something knowing that they could possibly die.

Reports of heroin overdoses across America are being increasingly common. Numerous stories are emerging from the Ohio area.

Recently, an upsetting video surfaced showing a father confess to his son his mother had died due to a heroin overdose.

Brenden Bickerstaff-Clark of Youngstown, Ohio, said he wanted to share the emotional scene to warn people from trying the drug.

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