You Can See How Well Facebook Knows You And The Results Are Disturbingly Weird

by Alexandra Strickler

Facebook apparently knows way more about you than anyone else in your life does.

Facebook may even know more about you than you know about you, and it continues to learn more about you literally every single time you log in.

Based on your Facebook activity (your likes, your posts etc.), the social network site has been compiling a list of what it believes to be an accurate representation of your interests, hobbies, favorite types of food and drinks and so, so much more.

To check this out yourself, start by going on your Facebook homepage, and near the top right corner, click the drop-down arrow and then click on "Settings."

Next, on the left sidebar, click "Ads."

And voilà!

Welcome to Pseudo-stalkerville. Population: You (and everything about you).


This page shows your ad preferences, which are essentially based on the types of posts you like or react to on Facebook.

To see if Facebook actually knows you as well it thinks it does, click on "Your interests" and have a look for yourself.

From there, you can look at a whole range of topics, from things like "News and entertainment," "People" and "Hobbies and activities" you may or may not actually be interested in.


So for me, Facebook seems to be maybe, like, 50 percent accurate about my overall interests.

According to the site, as far as "News and entertainment" go, I apparently like The New York Times, "Curb Your Enthusiasm," comedy movies, TV reality shows and gambling.

That's all pretty spot-on... except I've legitimately never gambled in my life and I have no intention of ever even trying it.

Facebook also says some of my preferred "Hobbies and activities" include DIY, vacations, laughter, "photograph," lobster and "Academy Award for Best Picture."

OK, more than a few of these are a bit problematic.

First of all, are there people out there who don't enjoy laughter? Maybe more importantly, can laughing really be considered a hobby or an activity?

Secondly, I can only remember two times in my life when I've eaten lobster, and I have to say, both times were a bit underwhelming.

And finally: "Academy Award for Best Picture?" How can this possibly be considered a hobby or an activity?!

I'm sure I probably just clicked on a ton of articles about the now-infamous "LaLa Land"/"Moonlight" mistake from this year's Oscars.

But like, who didn't?! By this logic, Facebook could probably consider "Academy Award for Best Picture" a hobby/activity for about 33 million people.


Now, I'm not really sure how to interpret Facebook's list of my "Fitness and wellness" preferences, but at least they got one thing right.


I definitely appreciate a good buttocks, male or female, and this I cannot deny. One could even say other brothers cannot lie about this very fact.

If you care to, you have the ability to remove any of your "interests" from these ad preferences, and Facebook will eventually repopulate the list — hopefully in a more accurate way.

Or, you can just get sprung and like a whole lot of butts while scrolling down your timeline.

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