People Are Searching For 'Extra Friends' After Girl Goes Next Level To Take Pic


Once, I had a friend help me move all of my stuff from upstate New York to Brooklyn and because my mom couldn't drive in the city, my friend drove her all the way home.

Another time, a dear friend essentially dragged my depressed ass out of bed for an entire summer after the startup I was working for went under.

One friend has been my confidant for all of my breakups since I moved to LA and has convinced me I'm "not crazy," and I owe him a great debt.

But are those assholes going to stand on a ladder and take a picture of me lying on beautiful sidewalk chalk or nah?

Sofie Orstadius, who is a 16-year-old from Minnesota, her sister Peri and her friend Sophie Castle, both 14, showed the internet what true friendship looks like.

The two 14-year-old friends spent their Saturday drawing on their driveway and then set up a ladder. Naturally, they went to their big sister for this clutch moment.

All in all, this is a wonderful lesson of both friendship and family love.

Get you a friend who looks like this:


So you can look like this:


The only thing I would change? I probably wouldn't include SpongeBob among all the beautiful flowers and palm trees. Faceless Patrick is fine though.

Sofie told BuzzFeed,

Most of the work was trying not to lose my balance on the ladder. The photos turned out pretty sick -- for sure worth climbing a flimsy ladder.

I mean, with friends like these, you're pretty set, but the Internet is apparently lacking such extra friends.

Some friends are so extra they will PROFESSIONALLY LIGHT your pictures with only cellphones.

But really, I just have one question...


Just who on God's green Earth is the EXTRA, EXTRA-ASS FRIEND who took THIS photo?!


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