People Crowdfund A Scarf For A Friend Whose Douchey Ex Gave Hers To A Mistress


Imagine the pain of finding out, after 20 years with the same man... the same man who was the father of your 8 children, that he was having an affair.

Now, imagine the pain you would feel if, on top of having a mistress, this ex also gave her your prized possession: a Burberry scarf.

Honestly, "scumbag" doesn't even begin to describe him.

Thankfully, Heather, the woman scorned, has two great friends who have her back -- and since they know that Heather isn't the type of person to spend so much money on herself, they set up a GoFundMe to replace the scarf.


After crowdfunding for a day, they already met their $500 goal, especially after donators read the following description:

Heather spent those years at home raising her wild, wonderful herd of offspring while Joe was out sowing his wild oats with a neighborhood tart. His departure from the family home was less than graceful as it was accompanied by the discovery of said tart being pregnant.

Personally? I think "neighborhood tart" is a phrase best used in "Desperate Housewives." After all, it takes two to tango, but you have to admit it sounds a bit like poetry here.

Her friends happily report that after a year, Heather is healing and moving on.

She got a tattoo, landed a great job, one of her kids graduated high school and she might even join her friend on a trip to Mexico to help celebrate her 40th birthday.

But raising eight kids isn't cheap -- and Heather has never been one to spend money on frivolous things.

She had one designer item: her Burberry scarf. She would even share it with her daughters because they took great care of it.

Then, one day, it went missing.

It turns out that her "WASband," as her friends call him, gave the scarf to his mistress.

Who DOES that?! Tacky. I hope his mistress knows what a trash-person he is for re-gifting like that.

So, even though they already hit their goal and Heather is going to get a new scarf, keep donating so she can get more nice things.

Seriously, after having to deal with that cheap ass for 20 years, she deserves it.

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