Co-Workers Go IN On Employee Who Left Selfish Note On Office Water Cooler

Some people just want to watch the world burn -- like this office douchebag.

You know the type: They steal your pasta lunch from the communal fridge and never get caught, they love bringing up how drunk you got at the Christmas party and they probably own several cats.

There's one in every office, and the office at the BBC over in London, England, is no different.

An employee left an extremely selfish and passive-aggressive note on the water cooler. It read,

A polite request. Please DO NOT plug in water cooler. I like my water room temperature. I am fed up with having to bend over to unplug the machine, so please DO NOT PLUG it back in.

WELL, SOOOOORRRRY. Spare a thought for the person who's wasted countless seconds bending down so he or she can readjust the H2O chill level. The only chill level that needs readjusting is this employee's.

Literally, this office worker must have nothing going on in his life. The person didn't even sign off with a "thank you."

The office was having none of it because, you know, there are so many other things in the world that qualify as real problems.

Someone responded,

BUT 90 percent of everyone else likes it CHILLED!!!

Another said,

Middle-class problems, huh! With the machine plugged in and switched on the right tape is chilled water and the left tap is room temperature water. You'd realize if you spent a little less time trying to bend the entire world to your will.

But the best open-palm slap to the face is the simple,

Get over yourself!!

Obviously, everyone in this office has far too much time on their hands.

Still, these employees need to receive in-house counseling after being exposed to dangerous levels of douchebaggery.

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