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Employee Pens Hilarious Rhyme To Gross Co-Worker Leaving Boogers On The Wall

Ever enter a public restroom, one of the most disgusting places on Earth, only to find a sight even more disgusting than you could have imagined? Not to go too far into TMI territory, let's just say the sh*t some people do in bathrooms is inhumane.

One of the most inconceivable acts performed by these very people is... wiping boogers on the walls and stalls of a bathroom. Ever seen it? Dried up, crustaceans of mucus that were once nestled in some person's nasal passages? They're up there, staring at you while you sit on the toilet, trying to do your business in peace.

Anyway, the point is these people are foul, and the byproducts of their unacceptable behavior are even more foul. And one person, fed up with a foul co-worker's tendency to push their boogers against the wall, decided to leave the perpetrator a strongly-worded note.

Said note was best delivered in the form of a rhyme, and here it is:


This person deserves Employee Of The Month for such a creative, straightforward and even innovative approach, leaving Post-It notes as an alternative to tissues, to telling this co-worker how truly disappointing their booger-to-wall habit really is.

Don't be like this booger bandit. Get yourself a tissue for your boogie issue.