Adorable Couple Performed 'Up' Piano Duet For Their 60th Anniversary (Video)

These "Up" grandparents IRL celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary take the concept of “too much” to a new level previously uncharted by humans.

Jason Lyle Black, the self-proclaimed “Backwards Piano Man,” put together this unyielding happy cry-fest featuring his grandparents duo-ing on a piano.

Black even joined them in a scout uniform, an homage to Russell from the movie, after they finished the song.

Also, there's a real dog that says, “Squirrel,” in this video! What more could you ask for?

Black told ABC News,

They really loved the movie, and it was incredibly fun working with them for the video. They've loved music their entire life. The piano they're playing in the video is actually a restored antique Steinway from the 1800s.

He said he made the movie as a “family treasure” to be enjoyed by their nine kids and more than a dozen grandchildren. SQUIRREL!

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