This Driver Pulled Over A Police Officer For Going 90 MPH On The Highway

On Friday, a Florida woman took matters into her own hands when she spotted a police officer allegedly driving over the speed limit.

The woman, Claudia Castillo, was driving along the highway in Miami when a police car reportedly breezed past her at a high speed. After following the cop for a while, Castillo said she realized the officer was driving upward of 90 miles per hour.

So, what did she do? She pulled him over, of course.

Castillo tailed the Miami-Dade police officer for several miles, until he apparently conceded and pulled onto the shoulder. When he did, he approached Castillo's car, and she caught the whole thing on film.

The video from the incident shows Castillo chastising the officer for speeding and eventually squeezing an apology out of him.

After reminding the officer to “be safe,” the woman sent the very confused policeman back on his way.

The video, later posted to YouTube, since went viral with over 144,000 views. It's amazing, but my question is this: How did she know the cop wasn't speeding off to some crime scene? Kind of a risky move pulling over a cop, no?

Fortunately, it all worked out in Castillo's favor.

Watch the video below.

Claudia Castillo on YouTube

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