Dog's Reaction To Snake Biting His Penis Will Inspire You On Your Worst Days

Daily Mail

What, you think we're proud to be hosting this weird video on our website?

Hey, YOU are the ones who made this viral. We're only reporting on it now because of how many clicks you've given it (and I use the word "reporting" loosely).

Look, if someone told me in journalism college I'd be writing stories about a snake biting a dog's penis, I would have ripped up my notepad and walked out, but that sort of pride gets you nowhere in this business. So let's do this thing:

A video has emerged showing a dog battle a relentless snake off its penis.

This snake's not giving up for anything. It's clamped down on that Johnson like there's no tomorrow.

But, the plot twist is the dog's reaction.

The dog is proper chill level 9. "So what if there's a snake on my penis? I have bigger things on my mind right now."

If only we could tackle our everyday problems with the same ease as this pooch. The dog and his venom-filled vessel are an inspiration to us all.

You didn't expect that to get so deep, did you?

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