People On Twitter Took Part In #DMYourCrushDay And Failed Miserably

Today is a special day if you're a brave romantic who has always wished to confess your love via direct message on social media.

It's time to throw your cares to the wind, send a quick note and hope you aren't ignored by the guy or gal you've been secretly crushing on for over a year.

There are no roses involved. There are no dinner dates or sweet love letters.

This is 2016, people: Who are we kidding?

Today is #DMYourCrushDay.

Live it. Breathe it. EMBRACE IT.

Today, hundreds of people direct messaged their crushes with the hopes those crushes would respond with "I love you, too."

Then, they went on Twitter and shared screenshots of themselves partaking in the daring hashtag. Unfortunately, many responses weren't as romantic as they were hoping for.


In fact, they were pretty fucking brutal. So now, I'm too afraid to try it for myself.

Kudos to all those people who took the leap and messaged their almost-lovers. I admire you.

But as I sit admiring you, I'm also laughing at you because these responses are just as hilarious as they are sad.

Let's all take a moment and live vicariously through all these people who failed miserably on #DMYourCrushDay.

1. When the woman you love doesn't follow you back...


2. This one's a little harsh, no?


3. At least he tried.


4. "GTFO"


5. Short, sweet and to the point:


6. Looks like he's been blocked... ouch.


7. That's a great pickup line! Keep trying, girlfriend.


8. "Who the fuck is this?"


9. I'm kind of glad this one didn't go through.


10. Let's hope Taco Bell is a little nicer than all these other people were.


As you can see, we live in a cruel, cruel dating world. I wish you luck in the realms of love.

All jokes aside, I really do hope some girl found her Prince Charming through a DM today. That'd be a much better story than "We met on Tinder."