Disturbing Video Proves Hotel Bed Sheets Are Even Grosser Than You Thought

YouTube/Inside Edition

Next time you go to a hotel, you might want to bring your own bed sheets because it's totally plausible your hosts might not have changed them.

Inside Edition's investigators discovered an uncomfortable reality when they ran a special experiment on multiple New York City hotels.

YouTube/Inside Edition

Here's how the experiment worked:

The investigators checked into a hotel room. Before leaving, they imprinted the words "I Slept Here" on their beds using a stencil and a washable fluorescent spray. After checking out, they checked into the same rooms the next day but under different names.

Using a UV light, they were able to then determine which hotels actually washed their sheets.

When Inside Edition found a hotel hadn't washed them, as was the case at the Candlewood Inn and Suits near Times Square, the team confronted the establishment's personnel.

YouTube/Inside Edition

But the practice of not washing sheets wasn't just a one-time thing.

Experimenting with the La Quinta Inn and Suits near Central Park yielded the same results -- bed sheets weren't changed -- which meant management was getting a similar call from the investigators.

YouTube/Inside Edition

Even the highly rated Marriott Residence Inn wasn't exempt from the unsettling practice. At the Marriott, Inside Edition sprayed two different layers of sheets and the bed's pillows in a room.

When the show's crew returned to the room, the pillows had been switched, but the two layers of sheets had not been.


At the end of the experiment, Inside Edition found three of the nine hotel rooms they experimented on had not been attended to properly.

What's most telling about the experiment, too, is, in all three cases, the managers seemed to be shocked the sheets weren't changed.

Whether or not the shock is genuine, based on this report, it looks like sometimes neither you or a hotel manager can tell whether bed sheets are clean.

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