This Video Of A Dinosaur Shoveling Snow Will Make Your Winter Dreams Come True

It isn't every day that Tennessee residents see snow. In fact, it's pretty rare.

So when the Southern state got hit by Winter Storm Jonas this week, they had to bring out the big guns to help 'em shovel: Dinosaurs.

In this video, posted to Facebook by Fox News Nashville, a dinosaur can be seen courteously shoveling the sidewalk (and his own driveway) to make it easier for commuters to get in and out of their homes.

The T-Rex looking dino seems to be really enjoying himself — and he's not the only one. The video of the rare reptile sighting has already been watched more than a million times, with many commenters saying they'd like to go see the snow-shoveling dinosaur in the flesh (or, well, scales).

Watch the adorable video below.

AWESOME! No, you are not seeing things. A dinosaur is shoveling snow. One Ft. Campbell resident -Amy Saxon White... Posted by WZTV FOX 17 News, Nashville on Friday, January 22, 2016

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