Dad's Super Inappropriate Sex Comment On FB Is Proof Parents Should Get Offline


It's 2017, and a majority of our elders still don't know how to properly use Facebook.

Mind you, Facebook's been around for 14 years and counting. With all due respect, get it together, guys.

No matter who you are or how tech-savvy you've become throughout the digital age, you probably have an older relative who DGAF about what they comment on because they think no one else can see it.

News flash, parents of the internet: We see it. We see all of it.

Whether you're commenting on a viral video or wishing someone a happy birthday, we see what you're writing and when you're writing it.

Unless you change your privacy settings, everything you post on Facebook can be seen by your followers. If you don't know that, things can get pretty damn awkward.

Unfortunately, a girl named Ashley had to let her dad know the hard way that all of his friends could see his Facebook activity.


Apparently, her dad follows a page called "Hot Sex Porn," and commented on their sexual profile picture, which features a young woman sitting in bed with a revealing dress on.

"I would like to FUCK you tonight baby"



Apparently, his Facebook settings weren't set to "private," and all of his friends could see his comment.

Ashley, his mortified daughter, told Buzzfeed News she received screenshots of the comment and she immediately took action.

Embarrassed, yet entertained by her oblivious father, she commented on the post to let her dad know everyone could see his comment.

Ashley wrote,

Hey dad... All of your friends can see when you comment on this stuff.

I can almost feel his embarrassment right now. YIKES.

Ashley said her dad claimed his Facebook was "hacked," but the family isn't buying it.

Regardless of the immense embarrassment, she thought the comment was funny AF, and said,

We just thought it was hilarious, and I knew my friends would think it was hilarious too.

Since the pictures hit the web, Reddit users started started sharing their own mortifying Facebook stories.

One user said her father was "commenting on all kinds of stuff like this," so she stepped in, too.


Another said he started seeing lesbian porn on his feed because his "dad commented on this."


This seems to be an embarrassing trend.


"It's at that point where you log on his computer and make all of his posts private."


Well... at least Ashley isn't the only one whose parents don't know how to use Facebook.

I do think she wins for having the most cringeworthy story, though. I don't think her dad will be commenting on anything anytime soon.

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