Dad Of Triplets Has An Epic Solution To Car Fights

Listen, the closest I ever felt to being a parent is taking care of my dog. Honestly, she's pretty self-sufficient.

I basically just have to feed her, walk her and tell her numerous times a day that she is my best friend and that I would die for her.

Human kids are a lot harder. They talk back, they fight with their siblings, they grow into a real human being that you may or may not like...

Imagine trying to raise three at the same time.


If you grew up with a sibling, then you absolutely know about the backseat brawls that would occur.

Your parents would cringe as they heard the words "If you don't behave, I'm turning this car around" escape their mouths.

Jake White, a dad to triplets, seems to know the tricks of the trade though.


White, of Ohio, told Buzzfeed News,

Stella, Jude and Xavier, our 2-year-olds, were stealing each other's snacks and water bottles. So, to me it was clear they needed some personal space.

He separated his triplets with pieces of foam core. He added,

It is a good idea, and it works! Car rides are peaceful when the dividers are in, and quite the opposite without them.

I hope he enjoys this moment for as long as possible, because once those kids grow out of the phase of "if I can't see you, you don't exist," that fighting is going to come back FULL FORCE.


Just how did this man come up with something so brilliant as a three-way backseat divider? He admitted,

I have a background in fine art and emergency medicine. So it's natural for me to combine safety, creativity and obviously peace when it comes to raising triplets. I'm always using creative solutions. You have to when you are outnumbered.

He is a saint. Truly.

His wife, Jen, is currently studying to become a nurse practitioner, so these silent moments are probably well enjoyed.


Jack said,

I am lucky to be able to hang out with the coolest kids. They make me laugh all day long with their willingness to go along with all of this dad's ideas.

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