Dad Takes Pic Of Son's School Project Without Noticing Heartbreaking Detail


A dad from New Jersey named Bob Cornelius was recently left heartbroken by something his 11-year-old son, Christopher, wrote on a school project.

He attended his son's back to school night, where he chatted with teachers and took a few photos, including one of his son's project, which required the 6th grade student to list facts about his life.

At first, Cornelius was pretty amused by some of his son's answers.

But later, when he got home, he looked at the photo again and noticed something that completely floored him.

On the section of the project that said, "Some of my friends are," his son wrote, "No one."

Cornelius expressed how upset he was about this in a Facebook post that's gone viral. As of Friday afternoon, it's been shared nearly 30,000 times.

The post said,

Cornelius urged parents to talk to their kids about children with special needs.

He also asked people to share the post, and they clearly listened.

Cornelius mentioned the mother who was recently left feeling very emotional after FSU football player Travis Rudolph sat and ate lunch with her son, Bo Paske.

Paske has autism and no one was sitting with him.

The mother, Leah Paske, posted about this on Facebook, which, like Cornelius' post, went viral.

It said,

Never underestimate the impact of a small act of kindness.