Dad Completely Shuts Down Daughter's Desperate Ex-Boyfriend In Savage Texts


This guy is the dad every daughter needs when a pushy ex-boyfriend won't take no for an answer.

In a series of text messages uploaded to Imgur, this dad, Robert, absolutely destroys his daughter's ex-boyfriend, Nathan, when he keeps asking to talk to the daughter.

At first, Robert tries to let the ex down easily and encourages him to stop messaging him (and put on a shirt), but after it becomes clear Nathan won't let up, Robert just goes completely off on him in every way.

The resulting series of Facebook messages is a hilarious gold mine of how to deal with people when they just don't get the message. There's advice, there are life lessons and there are so, so many memes.

Without context for the images, there's no way to know if this conversation is legit or not, but check it out for yourself and decide. Regardless, the ride is totally worth it. I promise when you're done with it, you'll wish for one second Robert was your dad.

Nathan was already off to a bad start with his shirtless profile photo. Robert wasn't having it, but he tried to save Nathan from himself.

But, Nathan gave Robert no choice. The dad had to open up a can of whoopass all over him, dad-style.

Oh, Nathan, now that I know you're only 15, I almost feel sorry for your attempt at a comeback. Almost.

The realness of this conversation gets a little doubtful at this point due to the upload watermarks on the photos and the weird gray color surrounding the text bubbles (which suggests photo manipulation to me). BUT, the following memes are too damn funny not to see.

This is possibly the single greatest use of the Dr. Evil meme I've ever seen, and that's also a perfect reference to Dale from "The Walking Dead" as Dale probably would disapprove of Nathan's actions.

Seriously, Robert could be the most meme-savvy dad on the planet because every image is just perfect.

Did you really think you were going to get "one good reason," Nathan? Robert already gave you a solid list earlier.

Your approach clearly isn't working, Nathan.

At least Nathan wants to treat Robert's daughter like a "qween." Too bad not spelling things correctly was one of Robert's problems with him in the first place.

Seriously, "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"? It's almost like Robert was just waiting for the day when he could pull out all these hilarious ways of saying "no."

Man, it's like the dad is one never-ending chain of memes. I can't believe the ex is still trying.

The crazy part is this only like half of the conversation, and the memes just keep getting better.

"So you [ain't] even gonna let your daughter talk to her bf?"

Hahahaha, Nathan, come on, that was actually a pathetic comeback. Clearly, you have time for Robert.

Even Grumpy Cat made an appearance to help get the message through Nathan's head.

But in spite of Robert's best efforts, Nathan just wouldn't give up. It certainly didn't seem to bother Robert or stop him from responding with memes.

After long last, the memes finally started to take their toll on poor Nathan's psyche, and he started getting hilariously mad. It makes sense: He's just not equipped to battle against Robert, Dad God of Memes.

It gets to a point where they're both trying to figure out why the other is even still talking.

But eventually, Nathan has to throw in the towel. It seems he finally realized he was outgunned.

Robert may not be the dad we all deserve, but he's the dad we all need. I hope you learned your lesson, Nathan: Sometimes, it's OK to take no for an answer.