Hero Dad Pulled A 'Billy Madison' After His Daughter Had An Accident At School

by Robert Anthony

A Utah man named Ben Sowards is giving everyone's dad major competition after he came up with a genius idea to make his young daughter feel better.

On Friday, Soward's 6-year-old daughter Valerie accidentally urinated on herself. We've all been there in the past at some point, and it's never fun.

According to BuzzFeed, Valerie's mom Connie told her husband Valerie had been crying after her accident. Embarrassed, she wanted nothing but to leave school and go home.

Ben Sowards spoke to BuzzFeed, saying,

My heart kind of just broke.

So, what did the heartbroken dad do?

The 6-year-old's dad pulled a Billy Madison and pretended he had urinated on himself just to make her feel better.

The report states Sowards (AKA the best dad ever) walked into the school's office with wet pants.


He then used his daughter's backpack to try and hide the big wet spot.

She looked at me with just the biggest incredulity.

I guess Valerie just couldn't believe her dad was awesome enough to show her accidents happen to the best of us!

In the end, Sowards' plan worked after Valerie's frown was turned upside down.

She was laughing about it. It was so funny.

Valerie's 17-year-old sister Lucinda shared her dad's heartwarming gesture on Twitter, and people can't get enough.

A total of 59,000 retweets and 242,000 likes later, Ben Sowards is being deemed "too pure for the world."

Billy Madison would be so proud!

Will someone please get this man a parenting award?

As usual, there were a couple of haters looking to challenge Valerie's dad's act of solidarity...

But there were more people who thought it was awesome.

So, what's next for Valerie and her super supportive fam? The "Ellen Show," apparently.

I knew there was a hidden motive behind all of this!

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