Dad Goes Viral For Adorable Reason He Takes Daughter On Dates Every Month


OK, boys: It's time to break out your notepads and pay attention to every detail you're about to read if you plan on becoming admirable fathers someday.

Caitlin Fladager, a mother of two, recently posted on Facebook about her husband's new initiative to take their daughter, Arianna, on a father-daughter "date" each month.

Their reasoning behind treating Arianna to a monthly night out is making my heart swell with happiness. They're setting high standards for her, and instilling self-worth at a young age.


In her viral Facebook post publicizing the date, Caitlin wrote,

My husband decided once a month he will take our little girl out on a 'date' where she gets all dressed up and gets taken out for cake and ice cream. Tonight was there [sic] first night doing it. He helped her pick out a dress for her to wear, got a little purse ready for her, held the door open for her, and made her feel like a princess. She loved it was so happy when she got home. She will always know how she deserves to be treated because her dad sets such a high example.

Dad of the year, right here.


Caitlin recently spoke to Elite Daily about her husband Noah's monthly "dates" with her daughter. She explained how Arianna will always recall these days and remember she should be treated like gold.

She said,

I think this will positively impact her when she looks back and remembers this. She will know her value, and I'm so glad my husband is doing this for her.


Apparently, Arianna had a blast on her first night out with her dad. She said she "can't wait for next time."

Talk about creating special memories.


Since Caitlin has posted the photos showing her daughter preparing for the father-daughter date, her post has already accumulated over 87,000 likes and 40,000 shares.

One of the photos she shared was a screenshot from her husband, where he said of their daughter, "She's a princess and deserves to be treated like one."


My heart is so full right now.

If you're a parent or foresee yourself raising a tiny human in the near future, take after this married couple and make sure your children know their self-worth.

Everyone deserves to be treated like a prince or a princess. But it's up to the parents to make sure kids are aware of that.